Since the early days of the internet, we know of malicious software and the negative impact it has on the lives of people and businesses. These threats have only been growing in numbers since then, becoming more and more difficult to catch.

It has recently been announced by a trusted financial journal that there are over 317 million computer viruses that are known up to this day. According to another alarming statistic in the IT world, there are over 800 thousand new phishing threats emerging with each and every day.

With all this in mind, you can simply imagine the virtual battlefield, where hackers are literally the “bad guys”, working tirelessly to find loopholes for potential exploits. This explains why antivirus development has become a mighty industry generating a tremendous amount of workload to IT professionals around the world, who are grinding hard to combat these harmful attacks. 

What does cloud Antivirus mean?

We already mentioned that antivirus has become a major industry into the IT world, and we’d like to underemphasize this. Traditionally, this would be security programs which run for on-premises devices and scheduled updates are performed to fix any bugs, or add extra security to your OS. Cloud Antivirus was revolutionary in this sense as it provided the comprehensive protection solution- without reducing the processing power of local computers or smart devices. This type of service is provided by some cloud desktop vendors such as IT-Fabrik as part of your subscription. It basically offers security by connecting the endpoint devices of the client company via our web service to our cloud server.

In short

The idea behind Cloud Antivirus is that malicious threats are stored in the cloud, rather than on physical devices. This way, your hard drive will be freed up from millions of threat definitions, which will be discovered by third-party providers and stored in the cloud database, where they can be guarded against. Your antivirus software is deployed by a skilled IT team who will push all the necessary updates related to any new discovered threats back to your end devices at the time of detection.

The benefits of having a Cloud Antivirus as part of your Desktop-as-a-Service

Enough said about what Cloud Antivirus means in broader terms, we want to put this into the broader context of your Desktop-as-a-Service solution. By hiring a cloud provider to deploy your necessary desktop applications, you are already at an advantage when it comes to regular updates and patches. This works the same with DaaS and Antivirus since we provision all the latest updates to your Antivirus software, as we receive them, without burdening you with any of it. Cloud-based Antivirus solutions are great because they use an extremely big database of threats stored on our cloud servers. This makes detection of malware a far better process overall due to our huge catalogue and consistent work into this area. You will have a lot more free space on your hard drive to use and near real-time detection of threats with the respective software updates. Last but not least, installation of these updates will take up significantly less space and time, improving your business processes immensely.

What are the challenges with Cloud Antivirus that you may not know about?

We want you to stay informed and let you know of some of the challenges associated with Cloud Antivirus, which are much better overcome with a trusted cloud provider. With an integrated DaaS solution you rely on good connectivity to perform your operations. In case your provider’s network goes down, your end devices will be compromised for security protection. We are constantly working and improving on our connectivity service, promising you fast and effective antivirus service at all times. Another known challenge with Cloud Antivirus is optimization of the solution. You need a provider with a good background in malware and threat management, which will handle new and existing definitions with skills and knowledge. The last thing you want is to have a poorly performing desktop environment that is bogged down by too many threats in the denylist.

Final words

Cloud Antivirus is a great revolutionary solution that makes the lives of companies and your employees much better and at peace when it comes to malicious attacks. Your chances of protection are far higher as well as an overall increased system productivity.

You get all this and more in one Desktop as a Service solution with IT-Fabrik!