As we all know by now the global pandemic reshaped a lot of industries in the first two quarters of 2020. The biggest shift was observed with education and office-based enterprises which were heavily relying on face-to-face meetings, project participation and various types of collaborations. The change of moving to remote working and studying was almost witnessed overnight. This certainly put a lot of strain on cloud services as it increased the demand for virtual sharing tools immensely.

It was noted by Microsoft in March of last year that the monthly usage of Microsoft Teams surged by 775% in Italy due to the social-distancing measures and stay-at-home restrictions in the early onset of the pandemic. To paint an even bigger picture of how high demand was on this service, we shall point out that it has been estimated to hold over 900 million minutes of calls and meetings per day in the first weeks of shelter-in-place orders. We’re making these important points to tell you how resilient and invaluable this solution has been for tens of millions of users around the globe for maintaining critical business collaboration and exchange of information. 

What is Microsoft Teams?

In short, Microsoft Teams is known as a hub for collaboration and teamwork. It is a service which enables users to perform audio and video calls, along with instant messaging. It also has various integrated mobile experiences and a vast range of conference capabilities allowing users to be even more versatile and productive with using the interface. Being recognized as the latest service in the Office 365 suite, Microsoft Teams is built entirely for the cloud. Because of that it works perfectly with cloud-hosted solutions such as DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service). Another important thing about the service is that it leverages various innovations from Microsoft, keeping the standard for security and compliance offered by the giant enterprise.

How does it outcompete similar services?

Having Microsoft Teams as part of your cloud desktop solution is a great plus for your business! Despite being a fairly new service, it is already proving its strong capabilities by competing closely with Zoom Video Communications. Thanks to the release of Microsoft Teams, the company saw a huge rise in share prices this year and it’s predicted to grow even further.

What features do you get with it?

With a cloud-hosted solution such as DaaS, you needn’t worry about licensing issues to do with your Microsoft Teams. A lot of the features included in some cloud installations are not available to others. For instance, Cloud Voice features as part of audio conferencing must normally be provided to each user individually. Life Events is also another popular feature which is replacing the well-known Skype Meeting Broadcast. This one also requires certain licensing if you wish to purchase licensing as part of your chosen Microsoft plans. Thankfully, having a third-party provider outsource your desktop environment eliminates all these additional licensing hassles that you would normally have with using the service. Apart from these two examples, there are plenty of other useful features that can be used as part of a basic business Microsoft 365 plan- including Microsoft Teams. Examples of these are Chat features, Private Channels, Screen Sharing, Apps, Bots and Connectors and more

What’s actually so great about it?

Microsoft Teams is amazing because the functionality of all features does NOT differ between the different services. This speaks a lot about the noble and serious undertaking Microsoft has started, committing a lot to providing a great service to everyone. It is expanding its operations as we speak, gaining more users and traffic without slowing on the platform acceleration progress.  We already mentioned some of the great features that come with Microsoft Teams, but some other great benefits of the service that have been noticed by users is the chat thread. When adding new users to existing chat groups they would be able to spin up to the earliest conversation history, catching up on all the important information! Microsoft Teams is revolutionary in many ways and it is predicted to grow and improve as being a cloud-hosted service.

Discover the many capabilities of Microsoft Teams integrated in your Desktop-as-a-Service solution today!