In the recent years we saw a big surge in the numbers of cloud customers, deploying applications, services and from third-party vendors. The cloud is also making it possible for clients to outsource their entire IT infrastructure, together with support and maintenance services. This marked a revolution in the cloud marketplace, which started to make remote business possible for start-ups and small and mid-sized businesses round the world. High accessibility and affordability of these services increased the demand for skilled cloud specialists, providing cloud consulting for migration, maintenance and data security purposes.

Cloud services are becoming more mainsteam by reducing the need for buying expensive infrastructure. This increases the demand for skilled specialists to consult their clients during and after the transition to the cloud. Even though cloud migration is generally a painless process, there could always be complications which require understanding and experience from the cloud providers. Every industry has a unique requirements which puts cloud consulting services on the forefront, if clients want a smooth transition and effective operation.

What are the different benefits of cloud consulting services?

Affordable outsourcing

Many SMEs have small IT departments that are usually allocated to suffice for the whole hardware and software management and maintenance work. A lot of the time these teams are stretched already or lack the experience with handling cloud-related issues and monitoring practices. Other times we see no IT specialists in smaller businesses where capital expenditure and operational costs are limited. This is where cloud consulting comes in handy, making cloud transition and cloud monitoring an affordable and easy option.

Less downtime

Cloud-hosted services are notorious for bring in too much downtime to businesses, especially if you are in the begining of your migration process. We are all well aware how much harm can downtime do to a business and potential loss on company revenue. This is why we advise our customers to make use of cloud consulting services by experts in the field, who understand the importance of having an interrupted access to your core applications. Cloud consultants are skilled enough to know what is the most reasonable plan for action and implementing it in real time.

Faster deployment

Managed services like Desktop-as-a-Service or Software-as-a-Service are known for their fast deployment shortly after migraton. This is not just words said but real facts from the backend. However, this comes at the price of finding and hiring cloud consulting expert who can evaluate your individual requirements and and help you achieve faster deployment shortly after your transition to the cloud. This again highlights the advatages of managed service over on-premise technology.

Less risk

Data loss during migration is not uncommon in the cloud space. The safety of your data should not be taken for granted because of the increased accessibility to cloud services. This is why cloud computing consulting can be a useful service to have in the challenging data migration stage or during maintenance. Another added benefit of using cloud consultants who understand the backup process proficiently and you have the peace of mind that your data is in safe hands. Data recovery plans are also options for customers who are after comprehensive cloud computing services.

Better collaboration

It is no surprise to anyone that the cloud facilitates easier communication between teams and departments- internally & externally. Cloud consulting helps customers to achieve this smooth automation of the cloud technology for individual business needs. Businesses can exchange information from every corner in the world, without experiencing downtime when having access to cloud computing services

More scalable

Better flexibility with services makes scalability of business more plausible than ever. Choosing to use cloud consulting services only when your company is requiring some extra help from third-party IT companies, is a great way forward for many. This ultimately saves businesses valuable time and capital resources.

Final words

Cloud consulting is a service provided by cloud experts, who understand the technology and the solutions inside-out. Finding a reliable company like IT-Fabrik to provide you with the infrustructure and the guidance is crucial when choosing to move to the cloud.