If you are here to find out more about what Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) actually means for your company, and what makes it a more advanced system than any other cloud service out there, you should hopefully find some explanations in the next few paragraphs below.

Who provides DaaS?

Desktop-as-a-Service is a cloud-hosted desktop architecture that is deployed by a Managed Service Provider (MSP). If we wish to break this down a little further, a managed service is one that is provided by a third-party company, looking after your IT on a proactive outsourcing basis. This way, another company manages your virtual infrastructure remotely, and they provide the network with the applications for the smooth-running of your IT system. Ideally, having a partnership with a MSP should minimize your capital expense for in-house resources and the time-consuming training of your staff to implement and maintain these technologies.

Why is this service valuable to companies?

DaaS is one example of a managed service that branch offices as well as retail environments have been making a very good use of over the last decade! The reasons for that are the great benefits, which a lot of companies have already found from outsourcing their virtual desktop service, as they constantly rely on low network latency and fast desktop operation of their end-user devices.

Why outsourcing is the better option?

In reality, hosting your own cloud service is an impossible cost to most companies, which simply can’t afford to have the infrastructure and the qualified personnel to support this service internally. And why should they…? Allowing a MSP to provide the desktop environment simplifies it a lot for companies by giving them the chance to focus on their own business operations while saving them a lot of money and valuable time.

How does DaaS help businesses?

Outsourcing your cloud desktop service costs you only a monthly subscription fee but the benefits are countless! In times where remote working has become the new normal for many businesses, having a reliable desktop service, which allows you to access your work applications promptly and effectively, is crucial. Desktop-as-a-Service allows employees to gain access to their cloud desktops from any device that is connected to the internet, without having to save their data or settings in the hard drive of the used device. Information is stored in dedicated machines at specific locations (data centers) where an expert team is managing the servers for their clients, providing the architecture, and potentially the maintenance of your DaaS.

Why is DaaS better than VDI?

Understanding what puts DaaS in a better market position than a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is important for making the most well-informed decision for your company’s desktop service provider. So far, we said that DaaS providers host your cloud desktop by managing your servers. They are also responsible for the management of their clients’ hardware and licensing, contrary to VDI, which requires IT teams within companies to manage the hosted servers themselves. With DaaS, you receive a comprehensive cloud desktop solution without having to worry about software, hardware and maintenance at all.

On a Final Note

Outsourcing your cloud desktop service is a real revelation to many businesses which are highly dependent on fast and reliable desktop service. DaaS is this and more, requiring close to no effort from companies to run their desktop operation smoothly and seamlessly. Remote and mobile working is made possible thanks to the many benefits cloud desktops have to offer in this era of advancing IT innovation!