In this article we are discussing the term UTM firewall which stands for Unified Threat Management and its importance to the security of your system.

What is UTM?

In simple words, UTM is a device the size of a small box which has the capacity to provide total security for your corporate network. How is this relevant to using DaaS as your desktop deployment model?

Desktop-as-a-Service works only by connecting to the internet and having a stable connection. As you may already know, businesses are more at risk via networks which are less secure and more susceptible to malicious hacker attacks. This means that your desktop environment must be rigorously monitored by taking the appropriate security measures such as UTM. Moving your desktop to the cloud server undeniably means greater flexibility for your business due to the better opportunities for remote working, provided your employees have access to the internet. DaaS also means better scalability which is offered to companies thanks to the innovation and advancement of cloud technologies. However, it must be noted that without the necessary security solutions in place such as UTM, there can always be internet threats putting your information and the integrity of your systems at risk.

How is the UTM better alternative?

Security measures such as Firewall are used to protect the data which is transiting via networks from your desktop environment back to our cloud server, and the other way around.  UTM is the type of solution which offers a range of security features for your company, if the end-users are accessing their desktop from corporate and non-corporate networks. It is also knowingly better than traditional firewall protection due to the greater range of functions it has.

What different features it has?


One of the great features of UTM is the antivirus software which is capable of monitoring the network used by the end-user. Anti-malware is used to detect and prevent your desktop environment from being attacked and damaged by viruses through the physical devices used. How this works is by storing a huge database of potential and newly emerging threats that have unique signatures, against which the software checks and indicates if your system is being compromised. The antimalware function is also good for stopping the security breaches from worms, spyware, some malware and Trojans.


Why UTM is also one of the best solutions in the marketplace is the anti-malware feature that comes with it. It is our responsibility as a cloud desktop provider to configure the UTM anti-malware to detect all the known and novel malware within your stored information and to prevent it from causing any damage to your data security. This platform is so cutting-edge that it detects when certain applications are underperforming and then alert for a possible malware threat to the cloud server.


This is one of the main functions that comes with UTM and provides the protection for the well-being of your data integrity. What it actually does is scan the data that is in transit with the network used and scan for any malware, spam, viruses and various different types of cyberattacks. The great benefit of Firewall is that it provides a block to your device from spreading the malware onto other networks used later on.

 Intrusion prevention

Another security advantage of UTM is the function of intrusion prevention. The name of it says it all. The system that examines the data is searching for known patterns according to which your data can get compromised. This is how it prevents the actual malicious attacks from happening and passing on this information for future reference in the system.

There is a lot more to UTM that gives it a very all-round security profile when integrated into your cloud desktop environment. Examples of other known features are Data loss prevention, Web filtering, Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and more. By having this solution in place, we monitor the performance of our systems at all times for potential threats and we eliminate these timely without putting your data at risk.

Cloud desktop solutions such as DaaS provide greater security than all other desktop deployment methods thanks to technological advancements such as Unified Threat Management.