There are many different use cases for DaaS in the professional world. We have seen a range of industries utilize cloud desktop services in order to make their operations easier, more flexible and accessible to all employees from everywhere.

We have mentioned in previous blog posts some of the added benefits with using cloud-computing services and Desktop-as-a-Service in particular. Some of the pronounced advantages of using DaaS in your organization include fast and secure desktop service for all of your endpoint devices, without having to compromise from your data security or big budget cuts.  There is a lot more to it which makes Desktop-as-a-Service an invaluable solution to many small and mid-sized businesses which cannot afford to make expensive hardware or infrastructure purchases. 

What industries are utilizing DaaS more often? 

•       Educational institutions

One of the most evident examples which we are seeing for common use cases of DaaS is surely educational bodies. One year ago, academic institutions were still running with their curriculum face-to-face but a lot has changed since then. Many universities and colleges were made to shift onto the virtual learning space and adopt new methods for teaching and assessing their students. Custom-built applications for running exams are one of the features that accredited institutions rely on regularly with their DaaS subscription suite.

•       Architecture and design companies

Companies in the sector of architecture, design and engineering are one of the frontrunners in choosing DaaS as their desktop deployment method. These firms usually rely on a desktop service that is highly efficient and reliable for using larger software for 3D drafting and visualizations. Many of these firms are starting to use public cloud services but there is still a big portion of them choosing to host their own on-premise technology.

•       Businesses with office productivity needs

DaaS is the go-to desktop solution for the majority of medium sized businesses that choose to keep their office productivity in a remote working mode. Their standard needs for their workers needing a reliable and available workspace for their employees are met with this cloud desktop solution with certainty. Another great benefit for mid-sized businesses and new start ups choosing DaaS is that they can pick and choose their cloud providers based on their specific needs. Finding a cloud vendor that guarantees you data security as you deploy your company desktops on devices owned by your employees is a real bonus for many organizations going for Desktop-as-a-Service.

•       Industries with unique software requirements

There is a big list of industries, like for instance accounting, software development, game development and more, which choose to go for DaaS instead of opting for other cloud-hosted services such as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). The reasoning behind this decision from companies in these sectors are to do with the better functionality of DaaS and the upgraded range of benefits that come with the cloud desktop solution. These industries are looking out not only for a single feature or a function in the cloud, but a whole set of applications and services that come in a subscription package. 

•    Safe and secure workspaces

We are starting to see a lot of companies that have workspaces only in a physical office space with located end devices for data security and compliance reasons, choose to deploy their desktops from a third party vendor. This speaks a lot about the reliability and the security that DaaS provides to users and company data, regardless of the stringent compliance practices in place.

There are a number of sectors that are beginning to utilize DaaS more often than ever before. This is largely due to the high reliability, better flexibility and the improved availability of the cloud desktop service compared to other virtual desktop solutions.