In some of our previous blog posts we talked about some of the most important benefits from using Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) as an outsourced IT solution. Cost-effectiveness is obviously of primary importance to businesses when choosing to subscribe to DaaS, together with higher output and better productivity of your employees. Making a commitment to use a desktop deployment model that cuts down on your CapEx and improves the overall performance of your company is not a hard decision to make- even if these were the main determinants from the standpoint of your company. Of course there are a lot more benefits to add to these which you get as part of your DaaS subscription. Deploying your desktops is not only limited to affordability and great flexibility, but also the value from the support you receive by your cloud provider.

Look out for it

First and foremost, not every DaaS provider offers full-on maintenance support to their customers and this must be noted earlier on if you are on the lookout for a virtual desktop solution. Receiving this as an extra benefit to your DaaS could actually end up being an enormous added advantage for your business, easing the burden on our IT staff, and once again boosting your

You don’t need to pay extra for IT support

If you are running a small or mid-sized business, you are likely to have only several people in the best case dealing with your IT systems and maintenance. Oftentimes the businesses like property management companies or startups and growth businesses, which are turning to this digital solution, don’t even have their own internal teams tackling their software and hardware issues. In this instance, they need to pay additionally for IT support on top of providing functional hardware for their employees that is equipped with all the important applications and licenses. This already sounds like a costly commitment to many of you.

What do you get as part of your DaaS package?

IT-Fabrik eliminates all of your maintenance worries as we take care of all management and servicing when it comes to your desktop environment. What this means is that we tackle all software issues for you such as applications installations, regular system patches, driver updates and many more. If your IT staff is usually responsible for performing these time-consuming tasks with a large fleet of company devices, this can now change for good. By choosing DaaS (Desktop as a Service) all your maintenance will be handled in our cloud infrastructure by our expert team, freeing up valuable time from your technical staff or reducing the cost for outsourcing your IT servicing externally. Patching is one of the main concerns for many companies since it requires a lot of good coordination between employees and maintenance personnel to make sure all devices are properly fixed (in case some of the working systems were compromised).

Cloud desktop service provided by IT-Fabrik does all of this for you, making your systems more secure and up-to-date.

VDI vs. DaaS maintenance

We must surely make a comparison between the maintenance issues one may get with VDI and DaaS. Using a cloud-hosted desktop solution removes all the heavy and expensive on-premise installations that come with VDI. If you are planning to host your own infrastructure, you must be prepared to spend a considerable amount of money monthly, or even weekly, on new parts and replacements. There are also a lot of internal monitoring which must be performed at all times by your IT staff to ensure all systems are running smoothly and your data is never being under threat from malicious attacks. The cloud has become a far better but also much safer alternative for those who are not prepared to make hefty long-term commitments to their on-premise infrastructure model.

Using a cloud vendor such as IT-Fabrik could end up being a largely beneficial move for your company not only for how cost-effective this solution happens to be. Having a 24/7 maintenance support is a really helpful feature which not many DaaS providers offer in their folio. You can rely that we will answer all your maintenance and management queries timely and we will come back with a resolution for any problems that may occur on the way.