There are plenty of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offerings on the marketplace but not too many good ones that are worth the effort to subscribe to. Having said that, we are already implying that there are a lot of differences between what providers have to offer, especially when it comes to the range of features included in the service.

Cloud-based desktops are generally speaking a revolutionary innovation in the IT world as they facilitate the access to your workspace from any corner of the world and at any time, provided that you have a good internet connection. They are simple and straightforward to use by anyone in your company and maintaining the virtual desktops requires nothing from your IT department, in case you have one.

We already mentioned that different DaaS providers may offer different features. But what are in fact the ones that you should be looking out for if you want to be making smart and cost-effective business decisions for your company.

Straightforward pricing

Using a DaaS solution must be easy to get an accurate quote for. If it happens that the provider has too many costs which are adding up to the primary subscription fee, then the solution you are looking at is not good enough. IT-Fabrik offers straightforward pricing that is charging businesses only by the number of virtual desktops the company is using. All the extra services which you get with your desktop environment such as licensing of software, data monitoring tools and service maintenance are all included in your subscription fee.

Simple integration of your local devices

It is a common misconception that using a cloud desktop service does not allow you to link your workstations to your local devices. Examples of commonly used devices which you can connect to your workstation are printers, scanners, credit card machines, tablets and many more. The simple integration of these must be guaranteed by your DaaS provider and it should require no more than a few clicks by the end user. Check with your provider if you can make use of automatic integration of your devices in advance. IT-Fabrik offers support and maintenance to our clients round the clock if any technical issues are experienced by our clients.

Flexible Licensing

This feature is not being highlighted enough by DaaS providers due to the complexity of what licensing you might be getting as part of your subscription and what not. Oftentimes cloud vendors are not upfront with their customers about what is included in the pricing that they need to pay in total, which leads to disappointment and unnecessary additional expenses. This is not the case with the licensing feature that IT-Fabrik offers. Your subscription to our DaaS service allows you to use M365 licensing and Windows software which in a lot of other cases you may need to purchase yourself and build into your desktop service. Flexible also means that we can help you integrate your existing licensing into the DaaS platform if requested.

Scalable solution

You can recognize great virtual desktop providers by their ability to customize the desktop experience for your employees. You must surely know that the workload of one team may vary greatly to that of another, just like the tools they need to perform their day-to-day tasks. Having a DaaS solution which allows you to add new workstations, which are equipped with all the necessary desktop applications quickly and efficiently, means that you are onto a winner. The worst thing you want to deal with is having a functioning DaaS solution that does not serve all your operational purposes.

High availability

We already mentioned in previous posts how important it is to have high availability of your DaaS service in the context of data security and just general operational performance. IT-Fabrik guarantees very high availability of our cloud desktop solution by running three systems in parallel, ensuring that your service will never be interrupted. When one system malfunctions, there are two others to back it up and provision your desktop environment reliably and efficiently.

There are a lot of important features a DaaS solution should offer to their customers in order to have an optimally performing desktop environment for their end users. IT-Fabrik offers a lot of useful features that are included in your subscription without imposing additional costs and hidden charges.

Check our services pages and get your quote from us. We will come back to you as soon as possible.