Email communication has laid the foundation for maintaining good business relations these days. It has become one of the most important functions in the workflow for a lot of people that rely heavily on emails for liaising with others in or outside their company. We are all well aware of the importance of emailing, but how about the storage of that correspondence and the importance of its value to businesses?

Email Archiving Explained

In order to understand the benefits that come with email archiving, we need to explain how it works. Archiving of emails is made to store the entire email correspondence of employees in the original form in order to be retrieved easily when needed. How archiving works is by storing your emails with the attachments on a cloud server, which is also providing the desktop environment and the applications the employees are using to access their emails. We deploy virtual desktops which are built with an integrated email archiving function that saves your content in a read-only format. This way you can use the right tools to retrieve your correspondence at any time, referring to any messages and documents for the period you had been using our DaaS solution.

What are the benefits?

Litigation discovery

There are a number of added benefits that come with email archiving, the most important one being litigation discovery. In other words this is the process of retrieving important information and submitting it by request if there are legal proceedings against the company. This way you are protected without having to pay reckless amounts of money to retrieve data by other means.


Most businesses are in compliance agreements with regulatory bodies. Email archiving is the tool to ensure your compliance standards are met and your data is retained as required. A lot of industries such as healthcare and finance are using this function to access correspondence timely upon request.


Increased storage space is another great benefit of email. If you weren’t using DaaS and storing your data on the cloud, you would run out of storage space not long after you begin saving your correspondence on a storage location. Another disadvantage of this is obviously the extra cost you’d have from buying more storage on a server location to free up some space. Having all this as part of your cloud desktop solution makes retrieving data a faster and easier process.


This is certainly another great benefit of email archiving which we add to the list. Being able to access and retrieve emails saved on the cloud is a quick and efficient process which works on the principle of advanced filter search. Once your employees are familiar with the process it becomes second nature to them to navigate with the search feature and operate more productively.


Having all of your email data in one place is a very clever business approach. This reduces the numbers of errors that can occur when archiving is done manually by individual employees, which on the other hand also saves a lot of time and energy spent on the process.  Centralized administration of your information gives you the peace of mind that all of your data can be retrieved at any given moment in time.

Disaster Recovery

Most businesses are designing disaster recovery plans in unfortunate events of data loss. Using DaaS, you are promised that your data is safe and regardless of the technical problems you will be able to access your data easily and effectively.

There are a lot of great benefits of email archiving which you may not have heard about. IT-Fabrik is here to answer your questions about this useful function in your DaaS plan and to guarantee that your business correspondence is safely stored on our cloud server and ready for you to retrieve at any time.