Digitalization has become more than just a trend, but a road map to advancing and adapting to the changing market needs. This digital transformation is starting to affect all of us directly and indirectly in our contemporary society, relying heavily on smart technology for everyday activities like shopping, communicating and working remotely. We can see how this shift in technology has been used to improve customer experience and oversimplify the processes on the user side.

The cloud has been a main driving force in the digital transformation era due to its promising capabilities, which in turn increase the availability of the services and the security management of business data. In other words, the cloud has enabled more businesses to streamline their operations without compromising on the safety or the efficiency of the newly adopted processes. What’s more important is that this digitalization trend for many businesses has not only improved and oversimplified many processes, but also boosted company revenues by giving them more affordable and scalable IT alternatives to choose from.

DaaS As A Trend

The digitalization trend that we have been referring to earlier was largely driven by better bandwidth and the cloud expansion. These have been both the main drivers for the upheaval of new cloud technologies such as DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service), SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and other cloud-hosted solution, offered to customers as managed services by cloud providers such as IT-Fabrik. DaaS is one of those successful examples that was created as an outsourced solution and it was lifting the burden off internal IT departments, which were previously occupied with support of in-house infrastructure and software maintenance of their IT workspaces. By deploying their applications from a cloud server IT teams could focus on their in-house operations and streamline the actual work applications of their companies.

More Secure Alternative

Why cloud workspaces are becoming a more secure alternative than traditional PCs with desktops is because these days operating systems of laptops and other end devices are optimized for cloud access. This means that manageability of these services is better and the data security practices are strongly reinforced for cloud-based solutions. IT-Fabrik is a responsible company that drives digitalization for companies by maintaining high security standards in the cloud workspaces, provided to our clients as an outsourced solution.

Cloud Working Is Becoming Mainstream

As digitalization is becoming the only way forward for many businesses, the expectations of end users are also changing. The modern employee, contrary to false popular belief, is getting rather quickly accustomed to the digital transformation brought by the cloud. Many users who have found the benefits of DaaS- like greater productivity and better availability of the services, have reported an improved work-life balance by having more free time for completing their important jobs, and feeling less stressed with using outdated IT infrastructure. Millennials are the age group which is extensively relying on technology for personal use as much as for work purposes, which explains why many of them have higher expectations for the digital workspaces provided by their employers.

The Cloud Makes Working More Agile

Collaboration is one of the most appreciated benefits, coming with the cloud and the new managed solutions. Shared workspaces are made possible via cloud technology which promotes more agility when it comes to exchanging ideas quickly and merging teams for projects together. Since location is no longer a problem with cloud-hosted services, collaboration between employees internally and different companies externally is much more commonplace than ever before. Once again, data security has greatly helped drive this trend since different teams and businesses are freer and more confident to be agile and make this information exchange without being concerned about risking their data integrity over the cloud.

We’ve discussed several trends that have been growing and becoming more firmly established into the modern business world. Streamlining work processes with the help of revolutionary technologies like the cloud have been driving digitalization steadily for many years and for many more to come.