Outsourcing your IT to third-party companies, means that you trust them with your data and how it has been handled, processed and stored into their cloud. Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a perfect example of a managed IT service raising the question of data protection and the potential security concerns associated with the virtual desktop service provided. In this next bit, you can find out more about why using a cloud desktop service puts your company in a better position when it comes to cyber attacks, and what are the best ways to minimize the risks from being exposed to these malicious treats?

How can you become targeted to attacks?

Due to the gradual shift in remote working by companies this year, there has been a soaring rise in cybercrime across the globe. Virtualizing the workload of many businesses has made a lot of operations more flexible thanks to solutions like DaaS and VDI, but on the other hand, cybersecurity for many companies has been largely compromised due to the lack of managed systems in place. Oftentimes, users log into their desktop through unsecured networks, which poses an immediate threat to their information. Using personal devices, which lack the right configuration and software customization to protect them from harmful attacks, can be another precondition for cyberattacks and dangerous data leaks from companies.

What are the best known ways to prioritize your cybersecurity?

Staying on top of your data protection plan, means that you know what are the best practices in providing a safe remote working environment to your employees. This can be a tricky enterprise for companies that rely on their staff to provide their own hardware for work use. Personal devices of employees can put your company data at some serious risk, due to the higher use of suspicious applications, potentially associated with malware, spyware or other forms of malicious attacks. Purchasing company hardware is one way to tackle cycbersecurity issues, but it might not be within everyone’s budget! Another popular alternative to protecting your company data is using a cloud desktop service, known as DaaS, which offers significantly better security and a greater peace of mind to companies succumbing to the new remote working dynamic.

How is DaaS better?

Desktop as a Service is gaining increasing popularity due to the higher demand for fast and effective desktop environments. DaaS is not only good for improving the efficiency of your desktop operations, but also for the good data protection functions of the service. Using a safe cloud service, managed by IT experts, who are responsible for the configuration of your devices and the latest updates, puts your data security in a much more favorable position. This way, security policies can be monitored closely for adherence by end-user devices and they can be checked for potential breaches beforehand. In addition to better data protection, DaaS has a bonus feature to it, which makes it an even more favorable option to companies utilizing the cloud desktop service. Lost and stolen devices can be tracked and assessed for cyber attacks, preventing potential threats to security, hence reducing the risk of data leaks and company loss.

Final words on data protection

It is very important for businesses to consider their data protection policies prior to making the shift to remote working and investing in expensive hardware or security software. The solution to minimizing the risks of cyber attacks is provided in virtual desktop cloud services, which handle your data with an understanding of its importance through continuous surveillance, monitoring of your operations and implementing the best data protection practices in place.