What is disaster recovery?

You may have already heard of disaster recovery strategies, if you have moved to the cloud, or you are planning to. Abbreviated as DR, disaster recovery is basically a form of security insurance, which guarantees you full protection of your business data, in the event of disruption or system failure. It is critical for every business to be able to resume its everyday operations in no time after unlikely, but possible, man-made or natural disasters.

What are the risks?

When you think of the possibility of being a subject to loss or damage of your data, due to technology failures, you may think the chances are slim. That, however, is not the case in most instances. According to statistics, one in three businesses suffers some form of loss in their data integrity in their first five years, because of various hardware issues. Apart from physical breaking, there are other potential threats to the security of your data such as malware and viruses. These are becoming alarmingly common in today’s day and age where the digitalization transformation of businesses is growing exponentially. Other, not so common but possible, causes of data loss are the events of office vandalism and imposed disruptions by pipe bursts, cables in the office being exposed to accidents-from staff or rodents, and so on.

Why is a disaster recovery important for your business?

No business is guaranteed that their data won’t ever be exposed to some form of physical or internal breaches, resulting in system malfunctions. Unless, of course, your business is not insured with a disaster recovery plan, provided by a third-party such as cloud-based DaaS providers. Having your business run as normal during the time in which disaster recovery process takes place, is vital for your enterprise. Not operating effectively and leaving your employees without regular hours can threaten your activity for certain. Disrupting your smooth operations is far from being your only worry. Exposing your customers’ data is a big threat to the relations you have with your existing clients and your future outlook as a business. This can negatively affect your revenue, reputation and credibility as a trustworthy organization.

In what ways does DaaS solve these problems?

Desktop-as-a-Service also known as DaaS is becoming an increasingly sought-after choice by businesses that are after smart disaster recovery strategies. Delivering your desktops and all of your business applications by using a trusted cloud service from a third-party provider is regarded as one of the best and most effective ways to achieve a full disaster recovery after an incident. Once you are subscribed to a virtual desktop service, your desktop environment will be delivered from a cloud in data centers, where your data is safely stored and secured against any form of cyberattacks. In addition, with our DaaS solution at IT-Fabrik, we offer you a full data protection plan, as we run your desktop environment at several different locations simultaneously. This way, we make sure that even if we experience an unlikely event of server failure at one data center; your information will be stored and retracted for use from any of the other server locations, without disrupting your desktop service.

Why is DaaS the best way forward if you choose to integrate a disaster recovery plan as part of your business strategy?

We offer you a desktop disaster recovery service without having to pay additional fees, as it is all included in your ongoing DaaS subscription. Cloud desktop solutions are ideal for remote workers and companies which do not require their employees to use physical devices on site. This way, you guarantee that your staff will have constant access to their desktop environment, and leave any worries behind about how well protected their BYOD devices are. Each and every member of your team can use any available to them laptops, tablets or other smart devices they have to perform their desktop operations, while all of their data will be safely stored into our cloud. Disaster recovery processes will be provided for every end-user in the company whose physical device has experienced any form of damage. Our Desktop as a Service is guaranteeing that your business will suffer no data loss or downtime due to disasters, thanks to our professional team of DR specialists.

Having a disaster recovery plan in place is crucial for any business. Integrating this in your DaaS solution is the best way forward since you will add no unnecessary charges on top of your desktop deployment service, and you will be guaranteed a smooth operation of your desktop environment at all times.