Desktop-as-a-Service is continuing to gain enormous popularity everywhere in the world because of its many advantages. Making use of the great capabilities of a virtual desktop environment has been a revelation and a lifesaver for many small and mid-sized companies which could never before be in a place to afford to host their own on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Cloud desktop solutions are now accessible to all enterprises which require fast and efficient desktop service for their employees, operating remotely with any device that is available to them. DaaS revolutionized the desktop management systems by offering an excellent virtualization solution at much better price!

In the next few paragraphs we will summarize the most important benefit of all when we talk about business solutions.


According to the IDC whitepaper, there is a 56% reduction of capital expenditure annually if businesses convert to using DaaS for deploying their desktops to staff. Having a fully performing virtual desktop environment is also cutting down your operational expenditures due to higher employee productivity and less time spent by IT departments on functional problems. This is naming only two examples of how you can actually save money from using DaaS, but in fact there’s a lot more to it.

To put DaaS in a perspective of another popular desktop virtualization solution (VDI) that you can encounter often on the internet, we would like to give you some striking price estimates of what it may cost you if you choose to utilize one or the other.

VDI vs. DaaS

To begin with, hosting your own desktop environment requires a capital investment in hardware of roughly $120,000. Once you set up your servers, you will need to purchase software, which could add another $100,000 to your bill. From there you can begin operating your data center on-premises provided that you have expert IT staff on site and engineers who can tackle all the technical issues-adding up another $200,000 per annum to your maintenance charges. Once your data center is up and running, you also have to make sure that you have all the relevant licensing for your software and all your systems are in the right conditions regarding electricity, temperature and so on. You can already imagine how much of an impossible undertaking this could be for small and mid-sized companies which do not have the revenue, or the expertise to host their own environment. With DaaS, you are saving from the initial capital costs mentioned above by using a cloud desktop solution, provided to you on a subscription-based model. The price that you need to pay may vary slightly depending on the storage you use with your desktop, but your company will be paying a fixed monthly price per desktops used. You can easily scale up or down the number of workstations used without having made any additional investment in hardware or software, which you may need to do with VDI.

Traditional desktops vs DaaS

In comparison with traditional desktop environments which are mainly PCs provided for company use, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is still significantly more cost-effective as an option. Supplying your employees with personal computers equipped with licensed software to do the job, is not as cheap as you may believe it to be. The main reason for that is maintenance and obsolete devices, which often don’t work at full capacity a year or two after being purchased. Providing IT support round the clock to troubleshoot any problems that may arise with the installed software is an additional cost which shouldn’t be underestimated. Having a dedicated team to do your patching of software regularly and performing all the necessary updates is also a must, otherwise you seriously risk compromising your data security.

Once again, DaaS does all of this for you at a fixed monthly price. You never have to worry about purchasing expensive physical devices, making all the initial adjustments with them and maintaining your systems to be secure and fully operational at all times. Without paying in excess you are finally saving on valuable company resources with one comprehensive desktop solution.

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