What is high-performance computing, or HPC? This is basically the ability of supercomputers to use ultra high speed in order to process data and to perform a large number of calculations per second. Compared to a standard laptop processor, which performs several billion calculations per second, a supercomputer can do quadrillions- in the same amount of time.

How is it built?

Supercomputers, which are also one of the most well-known HPC solutions, are operating on the principle of parallel processing. This means that they are built from many PCs, which are linked together to add on their individual processing capabilities into one supercomputer. To achieve a high-performing architecture, such as the one used by cloud providers, individual compute servers form a big cluster of servers. These allow software programs, like the ones deployed as part of your desktop environment, to be run simultaneously. Data storage is usually linked to the servers cluster in order to capture the data output from the desktop applications. Having HPC architecture in place allows many tasks to be operating at the same time and without interruptions.

Maximum performance

At IT-Fabrik, we have built the highest standard of computing architecture, for which we monitor the functionality of each and every component at all times. There are three main components as part of a single supercomputer that ensures optimal efficiency of the cloud network. These are the computing servers, our networking components and our data storage system. In order to achieve a maximum performance of our HPC, each of these components must be working in synergy with the rest. High speed of your cloud desktop solution is guaranteed with our monitoring system, which keeps track of the storage component feeding data backwards and forwards from our cloud servers. This should be taking place seamlessly, within seconds, just as fast as our servers are processing the data and deploying your desktop service back to the end-users.

What are the HPC benefits for you?

Every company wants to exceed the set limit of annual targets in revenue or assets. This is often relying on the performance and the capacity of the computing solutions that businesses operate from. Having an on-premises cloud architecture to support the fast deployment of necessary software applications to the employees, is far from affordable. The primary solution to this is in the hands of IT innovation and high-performance computing. Cloud computing solutions such as desktop as a service are holding the potential for every company to increase the efficiency of their operations immensely, as they increase the availability and the reliability of their used networks. It is not called high-performance computing for no reason. With a virtual desktop architecture, provided by a HPC cloud center, you receive a whole list of key performance indicators of your IT service. After migrating to the cloud, you would be able to make significant reductions of time to results, which will allow you to upscale your operations in no time.

Fast virtual desktop solution

As a company which is looking to outsource your desktop environment to a third-party cloud provider, you need to make sure that high-speed is guaranteed with the solution you choose to sign up to. There are plenty of providers that promise you fast performance of your desktop service. One thing to remember about this is that- choosing a cloud company that deploys our desktop architecture from a data center near your headquarters- is of main importance. This determines whether or not your high speed is truly a part of your subscription pack. The last thing you’d want is to undertake a time-consuming migration process without taking these important factors into consideration. IT-Fabrik is a multi-site desktop provider with numerous locations around the globe.

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