Desktop deployment from the cloud

Providing desktop services remotely to end-users is becoming an increasingly sought-after service from small and mid-sized companies. This cloud computing solution is managed by a third-party provider which outsources the desktop environment to their clients, by practically leasing their expensive architecture to companies which cannot afford to maintain their own data centers. No wonder why this service is attracting more and more interest in recent years. If you think about it as a utility which you need to invest in periodically, this service does not incur large costs by companies if it’s outsourced by a cloud provider. Building, continuously operating, and supporting your own cloud infrastructure is a fairly expensive commodity, accessible to few. Thanks to companies like IT-Fabrik, this is no longer the case, as every company can now deploy their desktop environment and use a highly reliable and available desktop service, without experiencing performance issues with their IT service.

How can your desktop service be impacted negatively by low availability?

Having mentioned the rigorously discussed terms in the IT circles- availability and reliability, we must make some space to explain what they actually mean in the context of your Desktop-as-a-Service solution. You can look at these as two parameters by which we access how well your desktop environment operates at all times, without interruptions during migration to the cloud, or while there are server disruptions or repairs. High availability and high reliability are the main determinants for having an efficient cloud desktop service, or any other cloud-hosted service really. A well-managed cloud-computing service (such as DaaS) must be running correctly while processing millions of events every second, and making the right judgment for each individual user, as they perform various operations on their end devices. On the contrary, a system that has a low availability will suffer failure, be exposed to data loss, applications malfunctions and a reduction in the performance of your system. This can significantly affect how fast and efficient a company is with their workloads, causing workload lagging, decrease in revenue and loss of customer confidence in your business. Service outrages by cloud providers are not uncommon, so you must make sure before you subscribe to a cloud-hosted service that your provider has good experience in the field and their service deployment is distributed over more than one server location.

Parallel and distributed capabilities of your cloud-based service

Since we already mentioned what an effective cloud-based service is, we need to put this into the right context, using the correct industry terms. Parallel processing (or parallel computing) is a computational model used by cloud providers to run the software applications that you use as a client, on multiple processors, which access the same memory and data. On the other hand, distributed systems are practically the dedicated machines which use their internal memory and hardware to perform the assigned cloud functions. These two terms are used interchangeably these days because of how cloud-computing services are being hosted and maintained. All this being said, distributed systems that run in parallel are of key importance to having a smooth operating service in which all components work together and communicate to each other, without experiencing loss of your data integrity or your cloud-based service (such as DaaS).

What are the benefits of this type of deployment for your virtual desktop environment?

If you are subscribed to a desktop deployment service, you must now know how important it is to have a highly available and highly reliable solution in place that is run according to the highest industry standards. Having distributed system architecture, such as the one we operate at IT-Fabrik, is integral for the good performance of your desktop environment. This allows reliable communication of messages between our systems, immediate deployment of your data (such as objects, files, databases) through the use of your applications, without compromising on the stability or the security of your operations. This mode of processing is the most elaborate, but also the most high-performing operation model in the marketplace, guaranteeing you high availability, fast deployment and strong system security. Having a solid Desktop-as-a-Service solution as part of your business model, gives you the confidence to outperform yourself as a company and any of your competitors at any given point in time during this partnership.