This is a user-friendly cloud desktop solution, which we provision to you in a Windows 10 environment, with a fully performing Microsoft Office 365 application suite. We provide a native desktop experience that meets the highest industry standards, without making it harder for the end user to perform desktop operations. Connecting your device to your Windows environment is also a standardized procedure which follows a simple Remote Desktop Protocol.

Cost Reduction

Depending on what type of solution you choose to use for deploying your desktop, your capital costs will change. Purchasing physical devices with a pre-installed operating system can incur significant annual IT labor costs (up to $900), compared to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) on premises- $600, and Cloud-hosted Desktops (Desktop as a Service)- only $300. Endpoint costs per year, with using cloud-hosted desktops, are estimated at an average of $50, compared to a much higher average endpoint cost of physical desktop solutions- $280. With Desktop-as-a-Service, you have no data center hardware expenses, and you pay almost half of the average annual cost for software that you would normally pay for when using a VDI solution ($100 for DaaS vs. $210 for VDI). DaaS lets you save in the short and long-term of your subscription, with over 20% reduction of your CapEx, compared to using a VDI solution.Cloud-hosted desktops are the best cost-effective alternative, which we provide at the most competitive price ranges in the marketplace.

Data Security

If you choose a cloud desktop service, you receive data security services which guarantee you the safe handling and storage of your company information. Our data centers are fully equipped with physical and technical security systems to ensure the complete protection of your data. We have over 20,000 experts responsible for the monitoring and the implementation of data security practices, at all times. Your client data runs on three physical hardware machines simultaneously, which means that power outages are not something to be concerned about. Our regular snapshot backup services, copying your entire architecture, and the backup copy which we do of your desktop files, folders and email correspondence, leave your data fully protected. We also make sure that system SPOs are improbable, and that your data security will be in safe hands.


Our cloud desktop service is perfect for thriving businesses that are looking for solutions to scale up their systems accordingly. Having more or less user workstations at a given time does not require time-consuming setups or expensive upgrades in order to achieve a high number of system configurations. With DaaS, you can scale up and down your desktop environment, while being fully flexible with the assignment of workstations to different employees. We can add or remove from one to 25,000+ desktop end-users in the fast-changing dynamic of your business.


Personalization of the desktop environment for each individual end user is a definite plus to using a customizable DaaS solution. We take care of the pre-installment of your software on physical devices, by catering to the specific needs of your employees. In instances where a virtual machine (VM) is required to substitute for a traditional computer system, we can add this in our servers, providing to you the full desktop functionality needed.


The performance of your desktop environment is just as flexible as any other feature of our DaaS product. Based on the changes in capacity which your system requires and the need to scale up or down on the relevant system functions, we can adjust various technical parameters to suit the purpose of your business model. We can provide you with a tailored solution that offers a choice of CPU, SSD, storage space, RAM and other technical specifications, made to meet the individual demands of your company.

Simple Platform Migration

When it comes to the migration of your Microsoft desktop applications from your on-premise devices to the cloud, we have a simple and easy process in place. Our platform migration procedure will help you move your applications on a cloud server, providing just the right desktop environment for your company. In instances where the client requires migrating of Linux platforms to our cloud servers, we can provide these services, too.

Minimized Complexity

Desktop-as-a-Service minimizes the complexity for people using this solution by deploying one desktop for all users,who utilize a Windows operating system. Regardless of the device from which they are connected to the cloud desktop, the front end will be the same for the employees logging in.

Disaster Recovery

We support a comprehensive disaster recovery service as part of your DaaS subscription. This means that your entire system can be restored in case of breakage or failure, without the additional charges, provided that the incident happened within 14 days of your reporting to us. Individual recovery of data from your emails, calendar, company mailbox, files and folder is also possible with our disaster recovery service.

Continuous Connectivity

All of our data centers are equipped with multiple network connections that ensure the smooth operation of our services, round the clock. Our continuous connectivity guarantees that our servers won’t ever fail to serve their purpose, even if the whole data center goes offline. We have your data mirrored in more than one data center location and the availability at which we operate is up to 99,995% per calendar year.