About DaaS

Desktop-as-a Service

Cloud desktop solution which works from everywhere, on every device.
Virtual desktops and applications helping businesses thrive.

DaaS Provider That Works For You

Our cloud-based desktop solution is managed by experienced IT specialists and expert cloud consultants. IT-Fabrik LLC provides the comprehensive virtual desktop infrastructure for your business, by giving you the optimal DaaS functionality on demand. Your company data will travel securely from our trusted centers to your user interface in a cloud desktop service that works for your individual business needs.

DaaS is perfect for home and office use. Our cloud desktop is the cost-effective alternative for large, small and mid-sized companies which rely extensively on the high efficiency of their virtual desktop operations. IT-Fabrik LLC hosts the cloud desktop and provides maintenance services to clients at all times, meeting the hard requirements of every business model.

What Makes Us Better?

  • We provide DaaS that works effortlessly and requires nothing from the end user.
  • With our high-performance database pools, you can customize your cloud service experience fully. You can connect your cloud workstation to any mobile and corporate applications needed for the operation of your business.
  • Our Desktop-as-a-Service makes it easier for you to link applications to our system, allowing the centralization of your company data in a safe cloud environment.
  • We guarantee you a virtual desktop service that runs smoothly and requires low effort for installation.
  • This is an IT solution that helps companies save a lot of money from investing in expensive cloud infrastructure.
  • Our Helpline is run by specialists who are happy to provide you with support and answers to your queries at any time. We will help you find the best DaaS solution for your business!

DaaS Gives You More Flexibility

In these challenging times for companies, being flexible and efficient is the key to their success.

Joining employees virtually in teams to implement different tasks or projects can be achieved effortlessly with a cloud desktop service. DaaS allows people to work remotely, from any part of the world, in any given time during the day. By using a hosted desktop, your IT staff will be in a better position to choose the right applications and the hardware resources needed with your desktops. DaaS also enables them to monitor security closely and to perform their admin duties without a problem. Having your virtual desktops with pre-installed applications is recommended, as it gives you extra flexibility when you are striving to meet your business demands or requests.

DaaS Improves Employee Productivity

Having a cloud desktop integrated in your business model, guarantees you an improvement in employee productivity. It also reduces the workload of your IT department by giving them the time to tackle more important tasks than troubleshooting mundane issues with your cloud service.

Every company member can make use of DaaS and improve their productivity- from stakeholders and managers, to the individual employee. Working remotely and effectively is now possible for everyone in the organization with a cloud desktop service. IT-Fabrik LLC is here to provide you with the best and most comprehensive solution in the marketplace that will boost the productivity of all employees, regardless of the time or the place they choose to work on their devices. Everyone can access the virtual cloud and achieve astounding business results.

Choose The Closest Data Center To You

Optimize your company performance to the maximum by choosing one of our data centres that is near to you. This is an exclusive service integrated in your DaaS subscription, which we provide to clients so that they can have the fastest and most efficient operation of their cloud environment.

We have created a map with all of our designated cloud locations to make it easier for you to pick the most suitable one for your company. Once you find the closest available data center, you should expect a better overall performance and low latency of your cloud service. This ensures the smooth-running of your desktop applications with each and every end user in the company. You can rely on us to keep your business data safe and robust for the everyday use of all company members joined in our cloud!

We Can Help You With Advice

Are you already considering the practical applications of DaaS? We are here to help you with advice and answer all of your queries. Contact us to find out more about the benefits of virtual desktops to your business. Fill out our form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!