DaaS - Windows

User Manual for connecting to IT-Fabrik DaaS– Microsoft Windows
1. Introduction

Purpose of this document is to describe the process of connecting to IT-Fabrik DaaS solution for the users of the service.

2. Installing the client

First step is to install the appropriate client for connecting to the service itself. Click on the links below to get the client for the appropriate platform:

Click Run or Open or Install (this will be different for each browser)

In the Welcome to the Remote Desktop Setup Wizard, follow the prompts Select Install just for you, click Install, Remote Desktop will install.

IT-Fabrik DaaS– Microsoft Windows
IT-Fabrik DaaS– Microsoft Windows
3. Connecting with client

As an example for connection, we’ll be using the Windows client. After the successful installation, you should be greeted with the following window (see pic).

IT-Fabrik DaaS– Microsoft Windows

Next step is to click on Subscribe button, where you should be directed to a sign-in window.

You should enter you IT-Fabrik e-mail (replace xxx.xxx with your firstname.lastname), then next and enter your password. If prompted, untick the tick Allow my organization to manage my device and click No, sign in to this app only.

You should now click on the Subscribe button to repeat the sign-in process from above.

Now you should be greeted with IT-Fabrik DaaS tenant, showing the desktop pool named “First WVD pool“. Double click on it will connect to the Desktop, confirming your identity by asking to enter password beforehand.