The Comprehensive Cloud Desktop Solution

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) integrated with a back-end maintenance support system, which allows businesses to save on capital expenses as they expand in a safe cloud environment.

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Why is DaaS so important to your business?

DaaS relies on powerful cloud machines to deliver Virtual Desktop Services on-demand to any device that is connected to the internet, regardless of the time or the place. Desktops-as-a-Service has been proven to increase employee productivity while giving many businesses the chance to grow and outperform their competitors, thanks to the faster and more flexible desktop environment it provides.

Our integrated software solution is managed professionally by a dedicated team which monitors every step of your data journey- from our trusted data center, to each individual device of your company end-user. This is not surprisingly the better and more cost-effective alternative to hosting a desktop service in-house. IT-Fabrik provides a premium VDI management system to all professional organizations, which require high-performance DaaS and a trustworthy cloud support service for their desktop operations.


Jonathan G. Norris
“Over the course of few years our team productivity skyrocketed thanks to IT-Fabrik! We hope to continue our partnership in the future for certain!!”
Johanha stingray
“Thanks to IT-Fabrik and their proficient VDI, I have increased my company’s revenue substantially this year…It’s unbelievable what a good DaaS does for companies!``
William M. Evans
“Since we started working with this Cloud provider, we have achieved all our annual milestones. Their desktop service is fast and quality! Strongly recommend them!”
Angelina Rust
“We’ve been extremely pleased with IT-Fabrik and all their hard work since the very beginning! They’re really experienced and the IT support provided is on-point!”
Jonathon S. Ly
“All of us have been working remotely this entire year without any issues because of this wonderful cloud desktop provider. Thank you so much!”
lisa leman
“You won’t find a more reliable cloud desktop service than what these guys have to offer… We know our company data is in safe hands!”

What Is Included?

including full Office package with Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive Storage

Enterprise user license

We monitor the infrastructure 24/7 to get alerts if something ever goes wrong

2 weeks retention of all e-mails, files (SPO, OneDrive and locally stored files), Snapshots of work environment. Recovery can be requested through our support portal

Your E-Mail and Collaboration solution

regular patching of Windows as well as the major 140 most common apps like Adobe, Office, Evernote, ...

Anti-Virus for all files as well as E-Mails

Professional SPAM Filter for E-Mails

Safe Browsing

We provide support through our Support Ticket System 24/7

How Does It Work?

At IT-Fabrik LLC, we host and maintain the virtual desktops of your company in one cloud-based service. DaaS allows every user in the business to log remotely from any physical device, giving them full access to a virtual desktop environment that is not associated with the application software they use.

Your company data will be centralized in a single place without compromising on its integrity. Lost or broken hardware won’t affect the security of your files thanks to the disaster recovery strategy included in your DaaS subscription. You can choose to add an application and user profile administration system to your desktop management system while ensuring even higher performance of your operations in a fully virtualized desktop mode.

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    What Are The Benefits of DaaS?

    You can access your virtual cloud-hosted desktop from multiple devices everywhere in the world provided that you have a stable internet connection. You will cut down on your CapEx substantially by choosing a low-cost, cloud-based solution that delivers the virtual desktop and applications, without asking for expensive device and installation fees. You will reduce the internal IT management costs and ease the burden on your team with resolving recurring software problems, affecting your user experience poorly. We know that dealing with security updates or employee password resets takes up valuable time from companies.

    You will no longer need to deal with hefty installation and software maintenance issues once you subscribe to DaaS, because our Helpdesk handles everything for you. Your data will live in one centralized remote location which ensures the security of your information and the VDI management by industry professionals on your behalf. You will have all of your Application and Windows Updates, Data storage, Data backup and Antivirus managed thoroughly by our DaaS provider team, round the clock, without worrying about missing on your important maintenance.

    Benefits of DaaS


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